Rope for paintings

Fixing onto the wall some items is not a hard job but we from time to time have to do it. It’s easy to cope with this job if you have reliable fixing materials at hand.

Since 2011 we, at CJSC “Tanis”, have manufactured a stainless rope.

One of the application areas of a stainless thin diameters rope (from 0.75 to 1.80) is at fixing of paintings and other demonstrative types of items. High quality material,used in the rope manufacture, provides an article with next characteristics:

-elasticity (easy to tie knots and to fix);

-durability (no rust and no stretching);
-affordable price.

All offered types of a rope can be additionally covered with different colours polymer.

Cheaper analogue of a stainless rope for painting fixing is a metal polymer rope PR-1.5 (brass-plated with PVC covering).

Rope packing – in coils or on plastic bobbins.

Wrap: pe bags, corrugated boxes.