Manure removal rope

To remove manure from cowshed in a timely manner is an important requirement of a quality cattle keeping by loose method.

Because of this, many animal- breeding complexes and farms switch to automated scraper manure removal system. A strong construction, which makes it impossible to harm animals, is intended for removing both liquid manure and solid manure with chopped straw.

In 2014 CJSC “Tanis” developed a special rope with wear-resistant coating for scraper manure removal system which passed successful tests in cowsheds of Belarus and Russia.

Diameter of rope with coating: from 10 to 14 mm

Coating colour: black

Packing: coils of any length up to 300 meters by agreement with a Customer

Wrap: pe bags

Rope description

Name of a product


Diameter of metal rope without coating, mm

Diameter of metal rope with coating, mm

Minimal breaking load, N

Metal polymer rope PRIL-10.0

5,1 – 9,0


20 200

Metal polymer rope PRIL-11.0

5,1 – 9,0


20 200

Metal polymer rope PRIL-12.0

9,0 – 10,6


40 000

Metal polymer rope PRIL-14.0

9,5 – 12,0


45 000


  • Thanks to coating on basis of polypropylene rope doesn’t injure legs of animals
  • Rope coating is resistant to ammonia, methane and other aggressive environment
  • Withstands temperature changes from – 40° to + 110 °С
  • Plastic compound is eco-friendly and absolutely safe for humans and animals.
  • Every consignment of goods is accompanied by a certificate