About company

Production of metal polymer rope 

Close joint-stock company “Tanis” is specialized in producing of such metal ware goods as metal polymeric and rust-resistant rope, “Trellis Tanis” rope, fibre for concrete reinforcement and household cord. Our products gained its popularity in the international market long time ago. The point is that they are not just highly competitive on the main technical data with ordinary metal ware goods, but they are also much more profitable acquisition. Shortest terms of order fulfilment and flexible prices policy make close joint-stock company “Tanis” a perfect business partner.

The main activity of CJSC “Tanis” is metal ware goods production.  Nowadays the most essential products are metal polymer rope and household cord with polymer cover. Besides, so-called steel fiber is a fundamentally new development of CJSC “Tanis”. It has become popular over the last years in Belarusian market. Steel fiber is widely used for reinforcement what multiplies their technical data.

Taking into consideration our clients’ requests we have broadened product offering, and now you can buy a special trainer rope, rope for control equipment sealing, household cord reinforced with steel threads.

At the heart of rope production at our factory is a technique worked out by CJSC “Tanis” specialists together with researches of The Institute of Mechanics of Metal polymer systems named after V.A. Beliy. Our goods are in conformity with the highest standards, notable for its perfect characteristics and have been already highly commended by experts. CJSC “Tanis” offers its clients really high-quality goods at a reasonable price.